It all started with a stray dog called Skinny.

Skinny was hit by a lorry and suffered extensive injuries. Fortunately for him, a charitable animal welfare association came to his rescue, organising and funding a lengthy, complex surgery to save his life. After recuperating in his first foster home, he came to live with us.

We had looked after many pampered pooches for travelling owners and fostered several shelter dogs, experiencing first-hand the varied effects a poor diet can have on dogs. We started fostering Skinny and soon realised that he had digestive issues and commercial pet food would frequently make him sick. We tried many different brands, but nothing seemed to help.

Determined to find a better solution, we decided to try a home-cooked diet. The results were better than we could have hoped for! Not only did Skinny’s digestion improve, but so did his energy levels and overall body condition. The previously lethargic dog that slept all day and couldn’t walk very far was now wanting to play, running in the park with other dogs, and swimming!

But there was still a concern. Through hours of obsessive research, we knew it was virtually impossible to cook a balanced dog meal without the right expertise, and that in the long-term a diet lacking in vital nutrients could lead to range of health problems. We continued the canine culinary quest, meeting all sorts of animal healthcare professionals and seeking out the leading global experts in veterinary nutrition.

Witnessing Skinny’s transformation, we knew we had to create a solution for other pet parents that were looking for a better, healthier alternative. So here’s a service that takes a fresh approach to pet food: real food, made fresh, delivered to your door.

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P.S. Skinny is now called Sammy and has a forever home with us.


The Nutrivore Promise

Put Dogs First

Your dog will always be our priority as we aim to promote healthier and happier dogs through nutrition.

Keep it real

Natural, human-grade ingredients in delicious, science-driven recipes.

Make it easy

Convenient delivery and packaging with customised meal plans.

Never stop digging

Keep looking for ways to improve our recipes, sourcing and imprint.

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