Ming Bridges and Lulu

March 5, 2021

Tell us a bit about yourself and your pupper...

My name is Ming! I run a fashion rental company in Singapore called Rentadella and have lived in Singapore all my life! Lulu is a Goldendoodle, which is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

How did Lulu become part of your family?

My fiancé and I have always wanted a dog, but with his allergies to animal hair and us not having a garden it was never a logical option for us. He ended up spending months running around Singapore to find a dog he didn’t get allergic reactions to and completely surprised me with Lulu! Opening the door to see Lulu and him just sitting their smiling back at me is a memory I will cherish forever! We quickly found a bigger place with a garden to move into immediately!

Where did her name come from?

Lulu was a complete surprise and I’m already HORRIBLE with decision making, so it took me a while to name her. After I had calmed down from the initial puppy surprise, I FaceTimed my parents who were in quarantine and the first thing my mum said when she saw her was "Hello Lulu!!”. I thought why are you calling her that!? We shortlisted Luna, Lulu and Nala but ultimately decided Lulu suited her the most.

What was Lulu eating before and what issues did she have. What was this like?

When we got her we had fed the same kibble she was eating at the kennel she was at. However from the very start she had very bad stomach issues - diarrhoea with blood and mucus in it. We had very bad nights for over a month until we figured out how to solve this issue. We went from one kibble company to the next to the next and found the only thing that worked for her was home-cooked chicken, pumpkin and rice, which was great but we knew at just 3 months old she needed a lot more nutrition.

What is it like now you are feeding her Nutrivore?

Nutrivore is awesome because it gives Lulu the real, fresh food she needs and the nutrition and portion size she needs was already calculated based on her age, weight and breed, which took a load off our minds! Diarrhoea and bad stomachs have become a thing of the past and we can finally get a good nights sleep not having to worry about her stomach!

What do you both like most about Nutrivore?

I like that its a no brainer - very little stress. We receive her daily meal packs which have been customised for Lulu so all we have to do is serve it to her and we know she’s getting the best. She absolutely LOVES it! She is always so excited to eat which makes us so happy and she’s been growing really well.

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