The power of fresh food

After making the switch to real food, pet parents commonly observe:

More excitement at meal time

Weight goals achieved

Increased energy

Shinier coat & less shedding

Better gut health

Less itching

Fewer vets visits

Happier, healthier dogs

The fussiest two girls… and possibly the most spoilt! They love their Nutrivore, and I love the convenience and knowing they are getting all their nutrients in their golden years.

Olande and Missy & Molly

Love the convenience of the service, the fact I know my dog gets all the nutrition he needs and Boris loves the food.

Kat and Boris

Molly loves the food! And it’s great for me, as her owner, knowing she is getting better quality food than mass-produced dog food. Not having to remember - and carry! – weeks worth of dog food from the shops is so convenient! And the pricing is fantastic!

Benn and Molly

I switched my Husky to Nutrivore and she is absolutely loving it! Charlotte was rescued and was significantly underweight. They took this all into account when designing the meal plan for her. Not only has she put on the weight she needed, her coat is healthier and she is a happier, healthier dog.

Rodney and Charlotte

Munchkin absolutely LOVES mealtimes now which is in such contrast to the food she was on previously that she really could take or leave!! We're so happy with the quality of the food and the service and we love seeing how happy it makes her!!

Virginia and Munchkin

I recommend Nutrivore to anyone looking for a fuss-free, convenient way to give their dog a healthy and tasty meal without having to cook it themselves. My dog Rocco loves the food, and his skin is much better now as compared to when he was on kibbles. He always looks forward to getting his bi-weekly "Hi Rocco, how are you, buddy" greeting from the friendly delivery guy. Nutrivore has great after-sales service, too. They reply to my messages and address my concerns in a timely and professional manner. I can see that they genuinely care for their customers.

Trisha and Rocco

Ah Gu enjoys the food and it’s easy to prepare, it’s never enough for him! On time delivery and consistent quality. Continue preparing good and healthy food for the fur kids.

Vincent and Ah Gu

I recommend Nutrivore to anyone who’s looking to improve the overall health of their furkid. We have been struggling for years with our furkid’s health and decided to give Nutrivore a try for 2 weeks - it’s been over a year now and no regrets! We have seen improvements in her health, texture of fur, energy levels - we are very happy customers!

Reena and Princess

After starting my Chow Chow on Nutrivore, she is happier. I could tell as whenever it is meal time, she will be there waiting for me. Needless for me to call her. She has also put on weight which shows she is enjoying her meals. Have never regretted starting her on Nutrivore!

Sharon and Elsa

My dog is so happy and loves your fresh products and is always asking for more. It was definitely the best choice for his health. No more allergies and more energetic every day. Thanks so much!

Pascal and Caramel

Honest pet food that is minimally processed and provides well balanced meals for my dog. The service is prompt and convenient.

Sandra and Kiara

Nutrivore has been great for our dogs and us as owners! I highly recommend the product and service to everyone that listens to me. The dogs love the food and are very healthy now, whereas on their previous food they struggled with allergies which have pretty much disappeared completely now.

Miles and Max

I could not be happier with Nutrivore! It makes me so happy to be able to give healthy and balanced meals everyday, which he absolutely loves.

Lena and Hardy

Since changing to Nutrivore, Max has managed to lose quite some weight. We had to adjust the protein and the quantities a couple of times and Nutrivore was always very supportive and helpful. He loves his new diet and always spins in happy circles when it is feeding time.

Nicole and Max

Scientifically balanced, affordable and absolutely delicious according to our two adopted dogs. Their health and weight have visibly improved in a short period of time on the Nutrivore diet.

Dom and Sammy & Ruby

My French bulldog and Singapore special LOVE their Nutrivore meals. I love it because it’s convenient, saves time and I can see the improvement in their skin and appetite. 10 out of 10!

Joan and Truman & Deniro

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